2012-04-15 42 -76

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Sun 15 Apr 2012 in Ithaca:
42.5329038, -76.8000634

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Finger Lakes National Forest



This was quite the trek time wise to get to but this day was special as it was Red Velvet's Birthday and doesn't that count for a little extra effort. Unfortunately, we would not able to leave for this one until almost 19:00 local time. This meant that we would be finding our hash in the dark so we checked ahead of time to make sure that there were no restrictions on after hours hiking and away we went. We traveled through quite a few small towns and dirt roads on our trip and while we are not new to farm odors the smell of pig matter was quite strong, we would have fished the camera out but we were trying not to breath. An expedition in the middle of nowhere wouldn't be complete without traveling down one seasonal road with 4-6" ruts. We did find our way to the trailhead parking with the first leg being a trail across the field and into the woods. Fortunately there were no raptors in these woods just large owls and we arrived unscatched. Exhilarated by our first after dark hash we headed back out of the woods taking photos of the pasture gates on the way. All of our photos required that we pointed the monster maglite at the target so that the camera autofocus would work. While we road the sense of accomplishment all the way home there was undoubtedly a hash watch out for this graticule. As we had discovered Romulus on a Sunday night the local Romulan dives were closed preventing us from getting pictures of the natives.



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by reaching the (42, -76) geohash on 2012-04-15.
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by reaching the (42, -76) geohash on {{{pronoun}}} birthday, 2012-04-15.
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