2012-04-12 45 -122

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Thu 12 Apr 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4159086, -122.4559907

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Centennial Park, Damascus.



As always, I started my day by checking the hashpoints. This location seemed so peculiar that me and Mrs.5000 spent a lot of time looking at it at different magnifications and from different streetview angles. What was going on in that unusual scrap of ground? Was that a gazebo? Was that playground equipment? We talked about it at length. Eventually, I realized I was late for work.


After work -- I stayed late to make up for the morning, actually -- I headed out on the road to Damascus. I never have any epiphanies on the road to Damascus, which seems a pity. Maybe I should try 212 instead of Foster Road.

Oh well. It turned out that the mysterious patch of ground was just an unusually situated public park. It had a children's playground in one corner and a handsome gazebo and a hashpoint in the other. I found the hashpoint, basked in the glow of another successful mission, and left some cryptic evidence in the gazebo. Then I went for a five-mile run, doing a quick loop at the end of it to see if anyone else had come along. The cryptic evidence had not been disturbed, so I returned to the truck and set off for home.