2012-04-10 42 -4

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Tue 10 Apr 2012 in 42,-4:
42.1561587, -4.0656454

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In a field in the village of Villaverde de Mogina.


And his son/navigator/non-hasher, jgt.


I was in Spain having an adventure with my eldest. It involved driving from Barcelona up to the Atlantic coast, and then south to the Med coasr, and back to Madrid. So many opportunities might present themselves.


The 10th was a long drive day, from Bilbao on the north (Atlantic) coast to Salamanca (200 Km W. of Madrid) down E-80/A-62. The hash appeared to be in a field not too far off the highway. Leaving the highway we crept through the edge of another medieval village, with waves and smiles. there was a road that took us back up toward the river, and let up pull up a couple 100 m away from the hash. Walking most of the way on a drainage ditch let us achieve the hash with a minimal walk across freshly plowed field. A lovely spot, with ruins near by, as in most of Spain.

We were challenged by lack of mapping, and lack of my trusty PN-20 GPS. So we were using the ipad GPS
with the Spain NavMii app for our driving guidance. It suffers from open source maps that are not
particularly good (for Spain, anyway). And Motion X's GPS HD for walking adventures. It can download
Bing or Goggle maps and/or imagery, but needs a wifi connection. often missing. Also loaded on the ipad
was Hunter Researches Theodolite, which geotags photos. when I remember to turn it on.


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kydlt earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -4) graticule, here, on 2012-04-10.

If we were not the first in this graticle will someone please point that out.