2012-04-09 -38 145

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Mon 9 Apr 2012 in -38,145:
-38.1494111, 145.4347079

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In a field south of Pakenham.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

I'd just come off a massive 5 day 360km cycle tour through the Vic high country over Easter and had finally returned to my car at about sunset. I was meeting my girlfriend, Sashazeg, at the train station to take her to Inverloch, where I live, and had discovered the geohash for that day and graticule to be fairly accessible, about 10kms to the south.

Deciding to wait for Sashazeg's arrival before attempting the hash, it being on the way to Inverloch, we both set off in car towards the GPS location, getting directions from both Stevage and tAlex along the way to help us navigate the labyrinthine roads of the south east no-man's land. Finding ourselves on an unsealed road after dark with 230m to go until hashed, I got out to investigate.

Livestock. After my experiences with the infamous Wonthaggi Livestock Fail Geohash of 2011, in which I was charged by a bunch of cows/horses/bulls who knows? I was less than totally enthusiastic about jumping someone's fence and risking an altercation with the various sounds of large mammal I could hear emanating from the field. Sashazeg was surprised to the point of suspecting my very identity when I returned to the car unshashed.

Looking at the map, though, I can see there was an irrigation channel running behind the back of the property and right next to the hash that might have allowed me to reach the location with some safety - I'll never really know.