2012-04-06 48 2

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Fri 6 Apr 2012 in 48,2:
48.8083156, 2.5005609

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In Champigny-sur-Margne, a suburb SW of Paris.


The_T-Man, Scherzkeks


Planning to go there by RER some time in the afternoon.


Since, after all, Scherzkeks and The_T-Man had come to Paris for vacation, reaching this day's coordinates was not the our main objective. We started the day off with a visit of the Musée du Louvre, where we stayed until about 4 p.m. Next was a visit to the Arc de Triomphe at Champs-Elysées including a quick glance over the city from the top of the arch. Since currently two out of three elevators at the Eiffel Tower are broken down, locations like the Arc de Triomphe or the Tour Montparnasse are best for getting a great view of the city (these guys had a bit more luck). At Champs-Elysées, we just needed to take the regional train (RER) line A to get into the suburb where the hashpoint was. From there on, it was less than one kilometer to the spot. Not only had my phone no battery left, but my GPS was also at its limit of battery power. As a matter of fact, it even shut down 40 meters before reaching the point. Since I had had a quick look at the location the evening before online, that was not critical because I could identify the spot. On top, my GPS was so merciful as to display in a last effort that the location was correct. The point lay within a very pretty residential area close to the Margne river with lots of typical French detached houses and trees that had started to blossom some days ago.