2012-04-06 32 -116

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Fri 6 Apr 2012 in 32,-116:
32.8083156, -116.5005609

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200m west of the western boundary of the Green Head Hunting Club near the junction of Interstate 8 and the Sunrise Highway in the southern half of the Descanso Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest.

The "forest" in this area is very densely populated by spiky, brambly, woody, head-high shrubs (Mesquite?). There is a power line running through the area; its associated service road is about 600m away from the hashpoint at closest approach. The folks at the hunting club put up a small (40-cm-ish tall) chicken wire fence along the border of their property; this required some clearing of the brush, resulting in a bit of a trail (which has since been overgrown in places). This path is about 200m from the hashpoint at closest approach. The density of the shrubs prevents nearly all off-trail bushwhacking, so a closer approach to the hashpoint would probably require stilts or aerial transport.








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