2012-04-05 60 22

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Thu 5 Apr 2012 in Turku:
60.4048311, 22.2127302

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This was one of my four targets today on my morning cycling, I've waited a long time (more than a year) when I would succeed to visit geocaching.com -cache, terracaching-cache (locationless, but still), geohash and a waymark on a same day on the island of Hirvensalo and today it finally was possible. I first visited the geocaching.com-cache and then I came here. The area was easily accessed from the main road (which is about 20 meters away and where I left my bike), but at the coords I noticed that the nearby house is probably a bit too close. Before the trip I had checked the map and I thought that it would be further away... Well, I wasn't on their yard but in a little forest area where there was a direct visibility from their yard. Luckily I were there so early on the morning that people were still sleeping, I hope. I took some photos and left back to my bike, next target was the locationless terracache. Nice location for a geohash, never visited here before. :)

- nsk