2012-04-04 45 -122

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Lillehammer this ain't.

Wed 4 Apr 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5621598, -122.5543213

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In the parking lot of an industrial concern near the airport.




This one was about two and a half miles straight north from the office, from whence I set off at noon. The hashpoint is inside a fenced parking lot, but since the gate was open I just drove right in. An employee at the shop entrance didn't even look up. There was a big white truck parked over the hashpoint, so I drove until I was 9 feet away and declared victory. Backing out was kind of a laborious business, but no one seemed to care. I took a couple blurry drive-by photos and proceeded on to further adventures.

  • Another chain link fence. Less than 30 meters though, a new record for this noon. -- Dashguy @45.5623,-122.5546 21:28, 04 April 2012 (PDT)



  • Land geohash
  • No Trespassing