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Wed 4 Apr 2012 in -35,149:
-35.2402559, 149.2664080

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Just off Sutton Road, Womboin, about 15km from Canberra.





Another lunchtime expedition; R/V at 12:45pm if possible.

The site is in a field just off Sutton Road. There is a house on the block. There appears to be a track on two other sides of the field, so the approach can be from three directions; probably safer from the tracks rather than parking on the side of Sutton road.



I drove out along Sutton Road, and realised that it would be best to drive to the house and ask permission.I found the house number on the fence post beside the gate, having recognised the fallen tree in the field. I went to the house, which was shut and locked. I knocked, had no reply, and left a copy of the Active Geohasher poster.

I went back to the field, parked beside the track, and went through the gate that allows for servicing the high voltage powerline that crosses the field north-south. A short walk under the powerline led directly to the spot, between the tree and the dead tree's fallen log in a sheep paddock. (Sheep dung is distinctively shaped....) I got my pictures, and then realised that I had company.

There was a man at the gate coming to meet me. There was a car parked beside mine.

I apologised and explained geohashing, showing him the other copy of the ActiveGeohasher poster that I had intended to attach to the log. We had a conversation about it, and he explained that he had been expecting a weed control expert who had promised to come "in late March". I then got to walk back to our cars and briefly greet a woman sitting in their car; his sister. I thanked them and left.

I did not explore the tracks (mentioned above) that are visible on the overhead photography.