2012-04-02 1 103

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Mon 2 Apr 2012 in 1,103:
1.3651944, 103.7465287

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On the left lane of Bukit Batok West Ave 7.




Fairly straightforward trip, this - I left the house at around 4pm, took the train to Bukit Gombak and transferred to the feeder bus 945 that would take me to within a hundred metres of the hashpoint. I had considered the possibility of a Speed Racer achievement by bus, but seeing as the geohash was located at a curve and a bus stop was right ahead I didn't think the bus could possibly do 50km/h. There was also an open field next to the geohash and I considered the possibility of a kite-flying hash, but my last kite-flying attempt was disastrous so I left it at that. Saw plenty of learner drivers in the area, since the Bukit Batok Driving Centre was nearby. One of them braked too hard at a stoplight, eliciting plenty of murmurs all round about how the poor sod just failed the test.

Having nothing else to do in the area, I took the bus 947 to Bukit Batok Interchange and bought myself a nice soya icecream.