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West of -30°: .3328838, .3295425
East of -30°: .0555327, .1308179
Globalhash: -80.00410722115, -132.90554132411 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Regensburg, Germany dawidi On a road construction site between Wutzlhofen and Haslbach, in northern Re...
Dresden, Germany User:StefanC, person 3, person 2 Farmland west of Roßwein?
Rotterdam, Netherlands User:Vegivamp Near a road beside the River Scheldt?
Utrecht, Netherlands CO2, eva, Mennoowh, Tchakkazulu, Freeze XJ, Wouter, TheOtherGuy In a park in the city of Utrecht. Probably not reachable because it is JUST...

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