2012-03-22 -38 145

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Thu 22 Mar 2012 in -38,145:
-38.4849716, 145.9148124

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Just inside the gate of a farm about 3-5m


fredzfrog was on this expedition.


Take 1 car plus 1 tablet pc with gps. Drive.


So that was a bit of fun. :)

Today I had some work in nearby warragul. I'd been meaning to do this for a while and thought this would be a god opportunity. Driving I soon found the roads to be rather windy. So that was fun. :)

The gps in my galaxy tab took me to 700m of my destination. A short drive, and reverse, and drive, and u-turn later, I hoped out of my car and walked the last distance. Standing at the spot, the gps started moving it around so posted from there. :)

Driving home I stopped at leongatha for a pie, then commenced my journey home.

Thinking that going via yarragon rather then morwell would be quicker, I took that route then quickly found myself on a very windy dirty road. Being a young male, I accepted this challenge and proceeded withgreat haste.

Eventually I encounted tarmac again and heard a strange noise. Pulling over and investigating,i found I had a flat rear tyre. A friendly local assisted in replacing it and soon I was on my way again. No other incidents :)