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West of -30°: .7793592, .2528455
East of -30°: .4478887, .4070098
Globalhash: -9.3800299159998, -33.476470442748 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Canberra, Australia 1PE A cow pasture at Carwoola, ~40km east of Canberra.
Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff On a driveway of a house in Avondale Estates
Seattle, Washington OtherJack Boggy overgrown thorny deciduous woods on an empty lot north of Kenmore
München, Germany Jcbck 4m into a field from the forest northern boundary
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer Neil failed to reach the hash in a pig field just off the A143 south west o...

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