2012-03-18 -37 145

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Sun 18 Mar 2012 in -37,145:
-37.8819343, 145.1932346

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Kozz took his family for a walk at the hashpoint. Myka and Ez will be heading out after lunch, to have a look around


Kozz: I spotted this last night and not seeing a grat page decided to do an in & out mission to Shepherd's Bush. The dog was an automatic +1, especially given there's an offlead area like 200m from the hashpoint, and I am familiar with the area as I frequently run up and down the EastLink Trail which is a few hundred metres away. Surprisingly, the wife and child decided to come along which, in combo with the dog, negated the possibility of a Run, Walk or Cycle hash.

We navigated in from Norton's Park and found the hashpoint - like Felix below, it seemed to think said hashpoint was on a well-formed trail in the middle of Shepherd's Bush, but the phone was jumping about 20 metres on each resync and wouldn't settle down, so I figure within the 10metre boundary would've been close. The phone initially said the hashpoint was right in the middle of the river - judging from Felix & Stevage's photos it was probably 5 metres up a bank off the trail. Anyway. Solid hash!

The whole area is awesome, there are bike paths (the Eastlink & Jells Park trail) nearby so very well habited. Glad to see there was a good turnout especially on a sports-packed day (Formula 1 + Rebels game)

Not sure when Myka & Ez got there but from the looks of the photos it wasn't much later than the Kozzezes. Next time, mate.

Myka And Ez[edit]

We Arrives at Nortons park by car at around 1:45, apparently parking in pretty much the same spot as Kozz. we investigated the swamp with their very loud frogs, and enjoyed the park as we wandered down in the direction of the hash.

The quiet of the parks was quite amazing. If it was not for the quiet rumble of eastlink in the distance, it would have been hard to tell there was Melbourne around. It's somewhere myka shall have to go to again he thinks. It was a worthwhile trip just for that, if nothing else.

We found the hashpoint, and my GPS indicated it was just off the path, uphill from the creek... exactly where Kozz had taken the photo. after finding the hash, I decided to attempt to re-create the photo. I think it worked rather ok.

We wandered back a different way and ended our rather enjoyable walk back at the parking area, after picking up a bag of clothes which had apparently been bagged up in preperation for recycling, but then dumped instead. Myka was just going to take them to a bin, but then Ez decided to take them, wash them, and add them to some she is going to donate to the salvos.

We arrived back at the car at about 2:30, having spent about 45 minutes in the area.

Felix Dance & Stevage[edit]

Apparently there were two expeditions! Oops. Felix Dance and Stevage cycled there, arriving around 4:45pm. Taking a navigationally suboptimal route, we found ourselves on the wrong side of the creek. Probably the most efficient thing to do would be to ride to the nearest bridge and back. Instead, we availed ourselves of a fallen log suspended over the creek.

Foolishly I couldn't find my GPS and had to rely on my phone. It said the point was basically right on the path. Felix's GPS didn't really settle down and seemed to be pointing into the bushes. We shrugged, took our photos, and headed back over the log of doom.




Myka & Ez[edit]

Felix & Stevage[edit]


Felix Dance and Stevage earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 75/45kms to the (-37, 145) geohash on 2012-03-18.