2012-03-17 -37 145

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Sat 17 Mar 2012 in -37,145:
-37.9936191, 145.0928919

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On a residential street corner in Mordialloc, Melbourne.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

At work on a Saturday, sadly, down in Wonthaggi for the desalination project Securing Victoria's Water Future, I discovered the geohash to be fairly accessible on the long drive home today. I was still a little disappointed at having missed Stevage's geohash the previous day lodged between the two carriageways of Monash Freeway. Since I'd already recruited my workmate Wen to drive me home, not being bothered to drive myself, I convinced him to execute this frivolous detour for me.

Wen, using his trusty TomTom for navigation, steered us true towards the hash. Since the hash was right at the footpath (okay, so possibly inside some dude's garden according to Google Maps but well within the margin of error for the GPS) it was easily achieved. I took some photos and started heading back to Wen's parked car.

Weirdly, we saw a Gertzel car parked next to the hash on the street. We use Gertzel surveyors on our job. Then Wen said the Gertzel guy's cat was called Felix. Wait on, I thought, that guy is probably calling my name. Sure enough, our good friend Mark, one of our surveyors, was living in the house just up from the hash point and he greeted us in the driveway. I told him about geohashing and was surprised to discover that non-geohashers have actually heard of the word 'graticule', but otherwise he seemed fairly mystified of the whole thing.

Bidding our goodbyes we boarded Wen's car and were homebound once more, a place in which I find myself now.

Here is the Google Maps route we took.

Total Distance: 140kms.

Hash reached: 1:42pm