2012-03-16 54 -3

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Fri 16 Mar 2012 in 54,-3:
54.9029366, -3.1530995

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Near Fingland, England



Given that it was Matingslinkys' turn to drive, the plan was to meet at RunawayBomber's flat and travel the short 7 mile journey along pretty much one road to the hash-point.


This expedition had really very little excitement to be honest.

It was 7 miles away, and in a field, and that's about as exciting as it gets.

Matingslinkys did buy some new walking boots and used this hash to break them in a bit, and they were rather comfortable.

We saw a farmer in his blue tractor and we waved at him. He didn't see us.

It was drizzling, and a little bit breezy, but not enough to qualify for drowned rat status.

George was about 300 feet from where we parked the car, kinda in a hedge a little bit.

There was an interesting discrepancy between our GPS readings, but Matingslinkys' was wavering between 5 and 1 feet, so we called it, took the arduous walk back to the car and called it a day.


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None, sadly. Far too simple a hash for any of that nonsense.