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Fri 16 Mar 2012 in 50,11:
50.9029366, 11.1530995

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A part of wood near Klettbach. Seems easy to reach by foot or bike


crissar thinks about cycling to the hash after work in the early afternoon.


I wouldn't have thought, that after doing my first geohash some days ago I would go out and hunt for a second one. But as you can read these lines I did. ;-)
Even that this hobby is that stupid, it is a good way to good out, walk, cycle or do something else that keeps you moving.
And today it was as good as the first attempt only a few kilometers from my home so that I was able to go there by bike without using bus, train or car. I started from my homebase by bike at 3:30pm (roundabout).
The first 1,5km were on bike path, but as there is no bike path between the crossing of K311 and L1052 and Nauendorf I had to drive on the road. After passing the village I was able to ride my bike on another bike path until I reached a small hut which marks a well known starting point for some walking. From here I had still 700m to final hash destination.
I knew the paths from a geocache I made some month ago.
I was able to go on very good ways, that were perfect for cycling. So it was easy to arrive in the hash area. Only the last 30m were off the track.
Luckily I had both Garmin with me today. The Garmin Asus A50 (Smartphone) wasn't able to get a good GPS signal. I was at the hash, but the app told me that I was still up to 1,1km away. But the Garmin Oregon 400t had a very good signal from high above and so it was no problem to reach the hash. Nearby there was a very nice beech, perfect for T5 climbing. *g* After I took some pictures I cycled to a house I saw nearby (120-130m) where a fireplace and some seats looked quite inviting having a barbecue or something else. Another pic and I cycled the way back.
But not directly. I wanted to have a look for potential geocaching places. And there it happened. I lost my camera. But I noticed it first after I was about 3km away on the second point I wanted to have a look at. OK, all the way back and luckily I found it. That was a close shave!