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Wed 14 Mar 2012 in 51,12:
51.2537601, 12.3619844

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In a kind of forest on a former daylight mine area near Markkleeberg and the lake Cospuden.



In the morning of Pi day, Manu got up one hour earlier than usual to bake a Pie for celebrating the day and the hashpoint. Manu and Reinhard had to work, so when Reinhard arrived at Leipzig it was already dark. Together they drove to Markkleeberg which is about 12 km from Manu's flat and started walking where they couldn't continue by car. Reinhard had prepared the GPS track which was easy to follow. After walking 15 to 20 minutes without seeing anyone in that inhospitable area they came to the point where they had to leave the road and go on nearly 100 m into the wood. After spreading a blanket and turning on some candles it got much more friendly with a whiff of romanticism. Manu, Reinhard and the hashcot Mauz enjoyed the pie and celebrated the existence of a constant ratio of circumference to diameter of circles. One thing lead to another, but that's a different story and the corresponding achievement is already claimed by Manu and Reinhard ...


A Pi(e) was born on 3/14.  
That's where we left the road.  
Pi coordinates reached.  
Hashers at the point.  
Pi(e) at the point.  
Dinner between candles.  


Manu earned the Pie Geohash Achievement
by baking pie for other people to degustate at the (51, 12) geohash on Pi Day.