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Sun 11 Mar 2012 in 50,8:
50.4383395, 8.9653020

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In the woods near Rodheim.


Rincewind and Yakamoz


Achieve three consecutive hashes. :) Or rather, four on three days.


Fairly uneventful, apart from the car navigation system misplacing the (correct) Rodheim for some 50km, or at least the route. The AG-address was in the next village and that worked. Why is it your girlfriend is always right about things? Well, she comes prepared now. Could be a starting geo hashing addiction or a deep mistrust of MY preparation... ^^
Parked off the federal road and walked some 800 meters, and, oh wonder of wonders, the forest workers had created wood paths for towing trees out of the forest for our entire way, save 50 meters. Hence, we got there rather quickly. 130m from the hash, we roused a lone deer- one with very, very low survival chances, I think. Twenty meters on, there was a hunter's hide, and within 50m of the hash there were another two. Nearing the hash the obligatory hash dance was a bit difficult, since the hash was in a spot of young beeches grown closely together. Still I managed to get the screenshot without causing damage.

Successful hash- triple yay!


Nope, too tired now. Took them, though.


Yeah, later as well.