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Fri 9 Mar 2012 in 43,1:
43.6092115, 1.3512291

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Wohooo ! Expedition successfull !!




Paul Kauphart


It's not far from town center, so I just recovered an old digital camera at home, and I plan on making a small detour there on my way out of work, with nothing more than a printed screensave of the google satellite view.


I left work that day at the worst possible time, ie the time when everybody leaves work and driving around Toulouse is a true nightmare. I still managed to reach the place before sunset. Parked the car near the résidential area, hoping the point wouldn't be in some garden (didn't seemed to be on googlemap, but you never know).

I got to the point, happy, it's next to the road and a few meter in front of a house front gate. The house dog starts barking behind the gate, I completly ignore it and start taking pretty pictures of the neighbouhood (the big white building on the satellite picture is gone by the way). I'm nearly done when a guy approaches me, asking what I'm doing here. I explain him the concept of the game, telling him I take a fiew picture of the surrounding. He replies I should be a little more carefull, I could be dangerous wandering like that alone, I should avoid doing that at night. While at first it looked like simply a curious man, he was insistent, I then realised it was actually threat... well the two "friendly" punches in the shoulder were a dead givaway, took me completly flat-footed. At this point I figured a polite retreat was the best option, so I took my car and left. I parked on the other side of the roundabout, took a fiew more picture of the local area, a picture of the actual hashpoint, and left. Trip on the way back wasn't as bad as the way out, and despite comming home much later than originaly planned, I was pleased that the first expedition was actually, a success.

Picture are there ! (part of them)


None, I don't have any.



Paul Kauphart earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, 1) geohash on 2012-03-09.
Paul Kauphart earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (43, 1) geohash on 2012-03-09.
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by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (43, 1) graticule, here, on 2012-03-09.