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Wed 7 Mar 2012 in Utrecht:
52.3385183, 5.6262590

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Next to railroad, Harderwijk, The Netherlands



Since I already had an appointment in Zwolle, and probably not much to do beforehand, I decided to look for some caches, and perhaps a hash. Little did I know the daily hash was so near the (rail)way, but now it is there, I have to go for it ;) Plan is easy: catch the train, exit at Harderwijk station, walk to the hash, and walk back, since there are no caches close by... Whether I do this on the way in or out is yet to be decided :)


Was a success :) With the rain of today (it only stopped raining 5 mins before I arrived at the #.) it was pretty relaxing to just hop on a train, and watch the landscape fly by. Harderwijk itself isn't much of a town, but it does have a station, and from there, it was only 309 meters to the hash (that's measured from the front of the train :P) A short walk through the streets took me through a quiet neighbourhood, and although I feared the hash was across the street in the bushes, my GPS told me I was 0 meters away from it just on the sidewalk. Since I would have to wait for at least 20 more minutes before the next train came, I decided to walk around the town, just because I could. Nothing interesting happened here, although I might have seen a raptor (or was it a crow? They're soo damn fast!). The way back led me to Zwolle (where I had a meeting with other weirdos :D), and long after that, back home. (fortunately a few selected trains have a wireless connection here, and believe me, that's a damn nice thing to have).


Not the brightest, I hate flash, and my camera isn't as light-sensitive as I'd want it to be... Then again, the proof is in the pictures :)