2012-03-06 -37 145

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Tue 6 Mar 2012 in -37,145:
-37.8664696, 145.1576538

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At Glendal Primary School, Glen Waverley, Melbourne.

Who went[edit]



I received an email in the morning from Felix suggesting that I check out today's geohash. Intrigued, I had a look and noticed that it was on the route I take to my grandma's house in Ashburton, who I was going to visit that evening. Moreover, it was in primary school, thus not requiring me to trespass. At around 4.30 I de-toured past the school, only to discover that despite it being an hour after school had finished, there were still loads of students around. Surely parents should have picked up their children by then? To make matters worse, the geohash was located directly between the play equipment and the basketball courts, so it was going to be impossible to avoid taking photographs of children at the geohash. Weighing up my options of committing a social faux-pas and trying to convince parents and potentially police that geohashing is a legitimate activity or returning later, I decided I would call back to the hash later upon my return from grandma's. After a delicious meal, enjoyable movie (I recommend The Artist) and some stimulating conversation on the French Revolution and Russian grammar with my 92 year old grandma, I decided to head back to the hash on my way home. This time the school was covered in darkness, and I was concerned it would thwart my attempts to prove that I was actually there. I headed through a side gate and within moments was standing where google maps indicated the hash was located (not having a GPS). Noticing some rubbish on the footpath I thought I would attempt the Geotrash award, however after hearing a scuttling noise and seeing the shape of a creature resembling that of a rat near the rubbish, I decided against the idea. After taking a photo at the hash and the entrance of the school, I hopped back in my car and headed home.