2012-03-04 52 -2

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Sun 4 Mar 2012 in 52,-2:
52.0667660, -2.7207607

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Hereford, Herefordshire, UK



Drive to Hereford, arrive before 4pm.

Really it was that simple, as we had no idea what to expect! Most maps showed the location as a built-up area. StreetView didn't have anything to show, to me it looked as if the location was in someone's back garden! So no need for trekking supplies, or walking boots. Anticipated getting close but not right on top of the coordinates.


Well it was a lovely bright day, drove to Hereford as planned. Arrived just after 4pm due to setting-off a bit late but made good time.

We used my satnav for the last few hundred metres and pulled-up outside of a Comet electrical store. However this was not the hash location. There was another road that lead around the back of the store so I drove around to find a collection of about 6 light industrial units - the Hereford Trade Park.

So we got out and I wandered around trying to find the exact location. Eventually we worked out it was inside one of the buildings ... and as they were closed there was no way to get closer; satnave read 52.06678°N 2.72066°W. Took a few pictures.

Afterwards we stopped in Caffe Nero for a drink and piece of lemon cheesecake, pleased to have attempted and got close to our first geohash!