2012-03-01 38 -90

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Thu 1 Mar 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri:
38.7915168, -90.6870629

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These coordinates were located in the St. Louis, Missouri graticule on 2012-03-01, in the city of O'Fallon near Mexico Road.

38.791516°, -90.687063°

Expedition Report[edit]

The spot was on the edge of a person's yard. We ended up parking up the road at a church and walking along the busy street. We had to brave some brush along a small branch. Someone, presumably the home owner, was mowing the lawn with a riding mower that had a heavy roller behind it. He looked perplexed but did not confront us. The group then went and ate chicken sandwiches. This wasn't a difficult location for us as it is only about 3 miles from work.


11:30 AM CST[edit]

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