2012-02-29 30 -94

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Wed 29 Feb 2012 in 30,-94:
30.3129303, -94.1794689

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[edit] Location

Friendship Road in Silsbee, Tx

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

The hashpoint was right off a main road so I just planned to drive up there and walk the rest off the way.

[edit] Expedition

Drove up and wandered around trying to reach the hashpoint. A lady who was burning trash came by in her golf cart to see if I needed any help and I tried to explain what I was doing. I got a weird look from her. The hashpoint was in the woods and I wasn't prepared to enter them.

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[edit] Achievements

This user earned the Leap geohash achievement 2012
by leaping to 30 -94 on leap day of the year 2012.
  • Mother Nature?