2012-02-28 45 -122

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Tue 28 Feb 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5501603, -122.5016204

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Among a block of townhouses off of Sandy Boulevard.



Not too much planning - it was sort of nearby for both of us, so we went.

Heaven forbid if we actually got there at the same time. Ever.



Not a particularly interesting location, except in the sense that any random location is interesting, this hashpoint had the significant advantage of being a few miles from work. The actual hashpoint is in the interior of a suburban block of townhouses, on someone's enclosed backdoor patio. It wasn't one that you could visit precisely without being a pest, if even then. I got within a few dozen feet in the parking area, took a few pictures, declared victory, and continued on my way.


I had something on the way to Portland in the early evening, and afterwards headed by the store, and then to the hashpoint. It got a little exciting when I thought I was there based on the maps, but the GPS still said a number of miles.

I finally found a lost digit in the entered hashpoing coords in the GPS, and I was on my way to the final few hundred feet. I started on the wrong side of the building, but ended up inside. It was dark and the middle of the Condo complex, so I figured I wouldn't stick around or take any photos.

I headed for home.



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