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Mon 27 Feb 2012 in 49,11:
49.4792710, 11.0087850

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Northwest of Nuremberg, Northeast of Furth. Probably a private residence, but worth a check.




I was in Nuremberg for a trade show, and setup was complete. With the afternoon off, it was time to see about a nearby geohash. Fellow German hashers declined to join me, as it was likely on private property and a weekday besides. So, a solo German geohash it is!

I took the train up to Furth Hauptbahnhof, then walked from there. No tracklog, and no proof of Tron, but I was going to take a different route to and from. Perhaps find a restaurant or pub on the way back?

My route led me past many interesting statues in a children's playground and then down onto the river common area. A wooden bridge leads across, but in the spirit of geohashing I went for the straighter course. Big mistake! While this area had many people playing with the dogs, it was *far* too muddy for me - a fact I discovered only when more than half way across.

I finished my sodden trek to come up a pathway and into the nearby neighborhood. Not far now! A pedestrian bridge led across 73 and to the spot itself - indeed, on private property. Directly beside was the storage area for road construction, which must have been nice neighbors to have.

Circling around the house, I discovered it to be a duplex. They must share the back yard, and nobody was home to ask if this foreign geohasher could wander around and snap photos, so I called the attempt a loss at this point.

On my way back to the train station I slopped past an Ikea, a pet store called Cats n' Dogs, and that same river again. I didn't see a suitable restaurant, and my feet were quite wet, so I settled for going down to the Rathaus station and heading back to the hotel.