2012-02-27 48 9

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Mon 27 Feb 2012 in 48,9:
48.4792710, 9.0087850

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A piece of forest just outside of Bühl, Tübingen municipality. Very close to 2011-08-04_48_9.

Public transport available in the village centre, frequent connections by line 19 from Tübingen.


  • Ekorren lives close enough that skipping is not an option.

Expedition plans[edit]

Probably a quick bike trip during the day. --Ekorren 17:28, 25 February 2012 (EST)


Almost a quick bike trip during the day. Changed the route slightly to make it juggernaut-compliant (but found later I failed anyway... so I could totally have used the faster route...), and did a detour to visit my own cache for maintenance. Other than that, it was pretty basic. I left an improvised marker this time but although it was easy to reach from Tübingen, it seems that nobody else came.

Well, there was one little notable historical site along the way which I didn't know before and passed due to the juggernaut try: A hut called Obstschützenhäusle. This is almost impossible to translate and means something like Fruit shooter's house. The story: In earlier centuries, fruit like apples was so valuable that they employed armed security staff in the meadow orchards to stop theft. This was the base from where the Obstschütz worked.