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2012-02-26 59 17 16-32-16-557.jpg

Sun 26 Feb 2012 in 59,17:
59.0000466, 17.4837187

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[edit] Location

In the woods near a logging road SW of Hölö.

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[edit] Plans

Drive there before the sun sets.

[edit] Expedition

Drove down the E4 to Hölö and headed towards the hash. Turns out the road was very hilly and pretty much just ice and snow and more of a track than at road. I was afraid that some of the hills I was going down would be very slippery and hard to get back up again so I was planning to stop at a high point so I wouldn't get stuck. Found a nice one 100m or so from the hash.

Headed into the woods up a hill and the GPS acted up as usual with all the trees and a big rock outcrop nearby. Got as close as I could but the GPS didn't update very often and sometimes I was 10 m north of it, sometimes 10m south and the accuracy kept going from very exact to very inexact. Finally found a spot that was good enough.

Hear and saw a tiny bird singing actually below me on the hill. Marked the spot and snapped some pics before heading back to the car.

Made a 13-point turn to get the car around and headed back towards civilization and on one of the hills I was in second gear and the anti-spin was trying its best to not give power to the wheels and I stalled. Had to back up and get a good head start and in first gear I made it up the hill. I continued as fast as i dared and at one point in a corner going down hill the car understeered like crazy and all four wheels were sliding but careful braking and giving some gas and pointing the car in the right direction I made it. Back to the E4 and back to receiving the great news about 2012-02-26_global!

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[edit] Achievements

Carl-Johan earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, 18) geohash on [[2012-02-26 {{{latitude}}} 18|2012-02-26]].