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Sat 25 Feb 2012 in 50,8:
50.5595027, 8.3500502

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A meadow close to the woods outside of Leun, Lahn.



Have a look at the spot on OSM, drive to the very close parking spot, walk there, take some photos, drive home - should be easy as cake an accomplished in 20-30minutes.


Should be easy as cake - that was the plan. What should I tell afterwards ? No idea... Well, went there, found the spot, took out the camera, switched it on, and it said "keine Speicherkarte" ("no memory card"). Oh Sh*t. What to do ? Impossible to just drive home telling "reached my first geohash, but was to silly to be able to take photos". So I drove home and got my camera and took the photos to show I was really there at that... lovely... spot. Seems to be a meadow, and the last inhabitants seem to have been sheep. At least that´s what my shoes smelled like afterwards ;)