2012-02-25 47 -122

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Sat 25 Feb 2012 in 47,-122:
47.5595027, -122.3500502

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Just off the shore by the Duwamish Bikeway and Kellogg Island



Planning to be there at standard time of 4pm on on shore due west of target location --Monovitae

Yeah, I'd been thinking of doing this as well! Might as well sign on now that it's a meetup. Do you have a boat/raft or are you going to try and wade in the Superfund water? :> --OtherJack, 8:52pm Friday

I suppose I'll just have to settle for a Mother Nature's Bitch, although it doesn't seem to be too far off the shore... --Monovitae



Took me a while but I got some additional photos uploaded. Other Jack has done a more than adequate job chronicling the geohash so nothing more to add here. I'm glad to see a sucessful meetup even if we couldn't make it to the point as we didn't dare to take a heavy metal bath in the Duwamish.


I was downtown anyway earlier that afternoon, so I just caught the bus to West Seattle, got off at the first stop over the bridge, and walked east and then south along W. Marginal and nearby park footpaths until I got there. I'd never been down that way along the Duwamish and was glad to have the experience... was running 15 minutes early so there was plenty of time for photos (below).

And then, true to his word, Monovitae showed up! First time I've ever met another hasher. We quickly agreed that trying to reach the actual coordinates wouldn't be a good idea, as they were a few dozen feet into the river which is still recovering from its toxic-waste-dump era... but we still got within less than 30m on shore; Monovitae has the GPS shot with the precise distance. We talked Seattle, geohashing and photography for a while, he took some more photos with his superior equipment, and then we went on our ways.

On the return trip I was going to hike up southwest through Puget Park and get a different bus, but the trail was out of commission... and so as I walked back up W. Marginal I ended up checking out the Duwamish tribe's new longhouse, which has a little museum exhibit with very friendly staff, cool free maps and explanations of a lot of the place-names and early history of the area. (In general this neighborhood was full of things written in the awesome-looking native language of the region.)





I'm going to claim the meetup ribbon for us, since we successfully met and it was at the agreed upon location, if not the actual coordinates...

Monovitae and OtherJack earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting in person at the (47, -122) geohash on 2012-02-25.
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