2012-02-25 33 -84

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Sat 25 Feb 2012 in Atlanta:
33.5595027, -84.3500502

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In the parking lot of MOPAR/Chrylser Shipping/Receiving building in Morrow.



I drove out to this spot thinking that it was only about 30 minutes to drive there. Google maps said 57 minutes, I didn't think so. But Google must have known something that I didn't. Super-Cross was in town today at the Georgia Dome and traffic was very heavy traveling through Atlanta.

I did find my way through and turned off the interstate pointing my truck in the direction of Morrow. From Google maps the hash spot looks like a normal parking lot. My heart sunk a little as I unintentionally drove past the spot only to see a barbed wire fence. I turned around and drove back to the entrance to the fence. As I pulled in, the fence was open but there was a guard shack. I looked at the clock on the radio in my car. I had 3 minutes to make the hash spot right at 4pm. Google was more correct than I had though.

I walk over to the guard shack and started explaining to the guard geohashing. I was giving my short version here. He kept saying that it was Chrysler's policy not to let anyone in. I asked please several times and even asked if he would walk the 70 feet to the hash spot. He kept saying company policy. Sufficing to take a coordinates not reached, I turned around and started to walk off.

He then said, "Okay, but make it quick." I said that I would leave my truck parked there and I ran over to the hash spot. I took a few pictures, many of which were blurry. I think the batteries in my camera were about to go dead AND I didn't any new ones.

I ran back to the guard shack, thanked the guy and then drove back to Norcross.