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Wed 22 Feb 2012 in 50,8:
50.1641560, 8.0837553

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In the woods near Bad Schwalbach.



Go there after work. This should be a walk in the park. Well, the woods really, but it looks really easy and we might even be able to drive almost up to the hash withing a hundred meters or so.


Things didn't quite turn out as easy as planned.

The drive to the hash took a lot longer than the 30 minutes planned as there was a massive unexpected detour between Niedernhausen and Bad Schwalbach. When we got there, the road we were planning on taking was actually blocked for cars, so we had to walk a bit more than expected too (no, we don't mind that - I'm just saying ;).

Along the way we spotted some very think and very thorny brushes in the general direction of the hash. Sure enough, those same bushes stopped us no more than 20 meters from our destination. Not easily giving up, we started to look for ways around the bushes and soon enough found ourselves in the middle of the wood approaching the hash from the opposite side - only to be stopped again about 7 meters from the hash.

Since we hate giving up and calling a hash "not reached" for just about any reason, Mampfred decided to step in and fight his way through. Carefully stepping on some branches and diving (more like crawling) below others in not-very-helpful light of the torches, occasionally ripping his jacket or getting a nice scratch in the face, he made to 4 meters with a GPS accuracy of 4 meters. At that point, there wasn't any chance of getting any closer so he retreated and was actually quite happy to get back out again in one piece.

We're calling this one "coordinates reached" as the expedition took us nearly three hours, the GPS accuracy (albeit barely) falls within the limits and we could have cut down some branches and ripped out some bushes to get even further but we ""obviously"" didn't want to disturb nature any more than we had already ;)

At this point we couldn't be bothered to take a (stupid) grin shot and headed back home. They are getting a bit boring anyway as it's always the same faces against a background of blackness ;)


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