2012-02-18 -40 175

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Sat 18 Feb 2012 in -40,175:
-40.3629672, 175.7616397

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Just off a road, in the back blocks of Palmerston North, New Zealand



Drive there, take photos, enjoy.


I had a feeling this might end badly as I turned off the smooth tar-seal onto a gravel road. The particle size of the gravel was huge, and my car didn't like it much at all. I persevered along the road bumpily for 6 km at 30 km per hour, enjoying the emerging view of Palmerston North and the increasing abundance of wind turbines along the farmland ridge-lines.

After reaching a sign that said Public Road, I wondered why bother announcing that as I assumed the road I was just on was also public. After 100 m I understand the potential confusion as this 'track' had the appearance of a farm road and was clearly not maintained on a regular basis.

I cut my losses early on this as I approached an obstacle early on that my delicate car wouldn't have managed. If I had been more forward thinking and prepared, I would have run the remaining 5 km to the hash, however, with just jandles, and without sunscreen, I declined to take on that challenge.