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Thu 16 Feb 2012 in 59,18:
59.1370548, 18.1922868

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Some music to accompany this expedition. Join the gun club, JOIN THE GUN CLUB!...


At the far end of Österhaninge Gun Club's firing range, really close to the main gravel butt.



Carl-Johan and TheDoctor had planned to meet anyway to discuss future plans and the hash today happened to fall just 14 km south of TheDoctor's home so a little roadtrip was in order.


Carl-Johan picked up his car and drove down and picked up TheDoctor after the sun had set. Some traffic on the main roads but nothing serious. We stopped briefly in Trångsund's center and went on the highway south towards Nynäshamn. Took the right exit and Carl-Johan had scoped beforehand that the has was just off the 227 also called Dalarövägen. As we got closer we looked on the left for the tiny road that would lead us to the hash.

2012-02-16 59 18 21-50-52-295.jpg

But as soon as we turned into it we were stopped by a really heavy boom, and no real signage saying why this road was closed. We parked the car in the snow and continued on foot. As we got to the field we realized where we were.

2012-02-16 59 18 18-47-09-278.jpg

The "field" was actually the firing range of Österhaninge Gun Club. It was really dark already and we could see the point were they usually fire from and there was no one around so we figured that it was probably safe to walk onto the range, so we did. We could see a lot of tracks in the snow so people had been here shooting fairly recently, probably earlier in the day. We walked down range over some mounds and at each mound there was a table and some wooden sofas and a metal trash can, and the trashcans were of course riddled with bullet holes. Ever since we started off on foot TheDoctor had been holding the GPS and he was concentrated on finding the hash so no pictures of the trashcans. Over the whole range we walked in about 20 cm of snow.

As got to the far end of the range, just by the gravel butt that stops the bullets we were getting really close to the has and we found it easily and got within 0.2 m from it. As usual the hash was marked with Orangetm and we snapped some pics. We snapped some pics and started uploading them as we heard a lot of gun firing in the distance. Hunters? Maybe a lit up firing range some distance away.

We did have an IR meter with us to get the temperature but it was way off, probably not designed for frozen temperatures. It was -0 C in the car but we can't say what it was at the actual hash.

We started walking to the tiny road we had seen on google maps before and it turns out that the hash was just 20 m from it. Back to the car and back to TheDoctor's place for some tea and a nice dinner.


map for the trip



Carl-Johan and TheDoctor earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (59, 18) geohash on 2012-02-16.
2012-02-16 59 18 18-46-18-575.jpg
Carl-Johan earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging TheDoctor to the (59, 18) geohash on 2012-02-16.
2012-02-16 59 18 18-45-34-315.jpg