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2012-02-06 59 17 21-57-19-021.jpg

Mon 6 Feb 2012 in 59,17:
59.2046689, 17.5718635

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10 m from Gamla Enhörnavägen in Södertälje.



Well for those of you who are following me I bought a used but pimped red brake caliper during the 2012-01-20 58 12 monster hash. So I had plans for changing the right rear brake caliper and disk and break pads all around. CrispyCream and I are old friends from Chalmers Motorklubb so we love to take care of our cars and he has access to a motor club in Södertälje now that he lives and works there.

So the plan was to go and fix the brakes on my car today and we planed it last week. Turns out the hash was 2 km from his home so an easy hash. Someone can do the odds for that happening.

  • Södertälje looks easy today. Speed racer? -- Carl-Johan 08:08, 6 February 2012 (EST)

Expedition 1[edit]

So as planned I jump in the car to get to Södertälje around 17, but I go early since I know the hash looks super easy and so close from their home. Buy the last parts on the way at Mekonomen after Kungens Kurva and get a meal at Max Hamburgare. Follow the E4 to Södertälje, E20 towards Eskilstuna and get off at the right exit. Straight through the first roundabout, left at the second, second exit left and I', already on the right street.

As the road exits town it turns into a snowy 70 road through the woods. I go just past the hash looking at the gps and unfortunately it doesn't go below 17 m. I turn around and park the car at an old road into the woods that you are not allowed to use. And you mustn't dump shit illegally it says. So I don't. Get out of the car and try to see how close to the road the hash is. I get to 9.47 m when standing at the very edge of the road in the snow, just beside a ditch in a left hand turn. Am I going to try to drive 70 km/h this close to the ditch? No. No speed racer for you! (I have it since before anyway)

Hop in the woods marking with Orangetm and find the hash. The trees play a bit with the GPS so some of the coords on the pics are a bit off. I wish it would tell you distance in the submit page in geohash droid as you are submitting. I guess I have to code a bit.

2012-02-06 59 17 16-25-36-675.jpg

Took some nice pics and went to CrispyCream and looked at his new baby before we went and worked on the car.

Interlude, fixing the brakes on the car[edit]

I wish I would have taken pictures cause this was a super nice time fixing the car. Everything went super smoothly. The Scania motor club has 4 lifts, it has good lighting and is heated. That is more than I've ever had before. I had splurged on tools since I had a break in in my car a year ago and I needed to buy everything fresh to replace all that had been stolen. We got the old calipers off super easily, and the one I bought used was pimped and painted red. For the first time in my life all pistons went back into their calipers easily with the caliper tool, thank you Biltema. We also spent extra time working all floating pins back into shape so everything would move freely.

We got the new disk in place, the newish caliper in place, changed all the pads and the front one are extra good ATE ones so I can brake comfortably knowing they wont fade. And put the wheels back on and lowered the car.

But I was missing my 8 mm flat wrench. I remembered I had forgotten to put the rubber on the nipple of the caliper so I tried to do it on the ground. Didn't work. So roll the car back and lift it again. Once I got under the car I could see the problem. My missing 8 mm wrench was still sitting on the nipple. Could have been disastrous so count off all your tools after surgery.

Expedition 2[edit]

So after we got all the tools back into the car I do a drag along of CripsyCream to the hash since I told him about hashing and it was so super close to his home. So his cherry is popped. Super easy for him since the spot was marked with Orangetm arrows already. Tock a pic of him at the spot and we looked a bit at our GPS coords bounce around as we lost some satellites in the woods with the clouds above and drove him home and then back home to Stockholm with perfect brakes. None of that hard jerky braking from before, just super smooth controlled braking on all the ice and snow. And especially none of that metal against metal braking I've had from the right rear.

All in all a nice expedition, perfectly executed.



Carl-Johan and CrispyCream earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (59, 17) geohash on 2012-02-06.
2012-02-06 59 17 21-57-19-021.jpg
Carl-Johan and CrispyCream earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (59, 17) geohash on 2012-02-06 while the temperature was -6°C.
2012-02-06 59 17 16-14-51-858.jpg
Carl-Johan earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging CrispyCream to the (59, 17) geohash on 2012-02-06.
2012-02-06 59 17 21-57-19-021.jpg