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2012-02-05 52 5

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Sun 5 Feb 2012 in Utrecht:
52.0592770, 5.1379030

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[edit] Location

Lunetten, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Middle of a large road, so many muggles accidentally reached the hashpoint, if only they knew :)

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

Thanks to a hint from CO2 I knew the hash was reaching our areas again, so I planned to combine it with some geocaches that should be close enough. One even resolved to a point 100 meters away, but that is only a waypoint, so no score on the hashcache awards... Since I was staying with a friend saturday evening, I packed some stuff, forgot my camera, and went on my way. With a sweet minus 5 centigrade I expected to freeze halfway, but had an easy walk to the first geocache (Salamanderpoel), and then went to the hash point. This was in the middle of the Simplonbaan (all roads there are named after geographical features, but I have yet to find any logic in them, considering the Galapagos is 100 meters away...), so I simply crossed the road at the right point. Long live Google Earth for pointing me in the right direction, since I have no GPS yet (might be fixed coming week). Since I forgot that dratted camera, no pictures are provided for your viewing pleasure, sorry for that.

After this hash, I went on to the other caches, but those turned out to be completely frozen, and since everything was covered with an inch of snow, I couldn't find any of them. Maybe I'll have more chance after the winter ;) Although I was slowly turning into an icicle, I decided it was time to go home again, so I walked on, past the railways, and 4 hours after starting I could grab a warm shower and a solid lunch.

On a different note, Wijnland seems to have had a hash here as well, and edited his thing in. I haven't seen him, but the scene looks familiar :) -XJ

Wijnland living in Vancouver send his brother over because it was so close to his home I could not let this one go!

[edit] Achievements

Wijnland earned the Puppet Master Geohash achievement
by manipulating his brother Reindert to reach the (52, 5) geohash on 2012-02-05.
20120205 5205 1.JPG
  • Land geohash

[edit] Photos