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Sat 28 Jan 2012 in 48,8:
48.5144893, 8.9874734

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Tübingen-Unterjesingen, at the foot of the Wurmlinger Kapellenberg just below the locally famous Wurmlingen chapel. Probably a field.

It's the rare chance to get a 48,8-hash within of the municipality of Tübingen as most of the town is in 48,9.


Ekorren was there.


This was a close and easy location. I started rather early anyway, as I had decided to take a detour to the Chapel Hill peak. Nothing spectacular happened, so... well, there's not much to report about the expedition. However, there was a hashcard, a quite special one as well. See below ;)

The hashcard[edit]

When we created the hashcard achievement a long time ago, the idea was to make it the hashing equivalent of a classical vacation greeting card. However, the challenge in this is nowadays often rather to find a suitable card. While on the other hand, it's too easy to just print one yourself. For that reason. printing one yourself on demand to match the point should be disallowed. But what if there are cards for sale and the hasher just happens to be the one who took the photo? Of course this should not block it... so an exception was born. However, I didn't believe that someone would ever cash in on this exception. Now I did myself.

About two years ago, I started to produce series of cards with regional pictures for a charity sale. I sold a number of between 200 and 300 cards (can't really tell anymore...) with various pictures, some were given away for free, leftovers were used for various purposes. Among them, there were pictures of the Wurmlingen chapel which is a famous landmark visible from large parts of my town. And I still had leftovers of those as well.

Since the hash was at the foot of the chapel hill, about one kilometer from the chapel itself, this would be perfectly valid, so I packed one of them, an envelope and a stamp (which, btw, showed a picture that's seen on many hashes by some other hasher...) and finished the card. The lucky hasher to get it was NeThuS.

Oh, btw: The original picture on the card was taken on a hashing expedition. So, how much more hashy can a hashcard be?