2012-01-28 45 -122

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2012-01-28 45 -122-FeedMill.jpg

Sat 28 Jan 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5144893, -122.9874734

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Front driveway of a house on Maple Street in Downtown Hillsboro



Jim can't turn this one down, but he does have to head into Portland around the time of the normal graticule meetup, so the timing is currently unclear.

Of course, the hashpoint is on private property. It even appears to be *IN* the house, but outside will probably be within error range.


I was out doing errands, so I wandered by the hashpoint and took a picture. I didn't ask for permission (this time), so we're currently in "No Trespassing" mode. Maybe in an hour or so.

Around the regular meeting time, I headed for my appointment in Portland, heading by the hashpoint (again) on the way.

I arrived and parked, and managed to find one of the introduction sheets and headed for the front door, watching my GPS on the way. The first discovery was that the house was actually a duplex, with two street numbers. I headed for the one which was close, I thought.

However, as I approached the front door, I saw the distance drop to 30 feet and keep going. And then 15 feet from the front door, it dropped to about 5 feet or so. I decided I didn't need to bother them, so turned around and headed to my car and to Portland, grabbing a photo of the local feed mill on the way.

Guess Google Maps was a tad off. I'll have to run an experiment at home and see if I can figure out what's going on.



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