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Fri 27 Jan 2012 in 50,11:
50.9213676, 11.4553317

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On a dirty field between Kleinschwabhausen and Magdala.


Expedition: Juja[edit]

This was a usual workday expedition: I started at quarter to six in complete darkness, very warm clothes and light snow flurry (about 0°C). My bike lights weren't lighting very much, but the weather was playing right into my hands this time: Jena got its first little bit of snow for this winter, so most of the ways were covered in white and easy to perceive even in the darkness.

After a little while something incredible happened: I was so warm that I needed to get rid of my long shirt and the big gloves! I am always surprised how warm these winter clothes actually are; bike tours at -10°C should be no problem this winter. Thanks to Reinhard who got them for me :)

I found the Geohash without problems, marked the way leading to the Hash (probably snow will be falling on it before anyone can notice), walked into the field (another lovely thing about the freezing cold is that it also freezes muddy fields so Geohashers don't need to get their feet dirty), took some photos and cycled on. My original plan was to follow the fieldway, but when my GPS signalled low battery, it was still snowing and some of my toes felt like they would shortly fall off (ok, I know they don't really mean to, but still I don't like that feeling) I felt not so very adventurous and settled on known roads instead - back to Kleinschwabhausen, Döbritschen, Bucha and back home again, inconspicuously whistling Christmas Carols most of the time :)

Very nice!

Expedition: Manu & Reinhard[edit]

Manu and Reinhard left Jena in the evening, but decided against the short detour to the geo hash, because they were too girlish and afraid of dirt and mud at the hash field. Sorry.

Photos: Juja[edit]

My bike in Jena's first snow.  
Hashmark, barely recognizable.  
Proof of location.  
A very bright Geohasher.