2012-01-22 50 11

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Sun 22 Jan 2012 in 50,11:
50.9301409, 11.8660644

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In a forest near Bad Klosterlausnitz, near an interesting colourful spot on my map that's called "Rote-Pfützen-Sumpf" (red puddle swamp).


  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse

Retro Expedition on 2012-03-24[edit]

Because it would have been far too easy to cycle not even 10 kms to the hash point of 2012-03-24_50_11 on a free day with lovely weather, I started the tour visiting three retro hashes I had missed before, this one being the first.

I started my tour before lunch in nice sunny weather - first time in shorts for this year! The way to the point was fairly easy, using known cycleways most of the time (until I reached Hainspitz). I could cycle 200 meters near the point and from there on I had to go through what seemed like a nice forest at first sight. At second sight it was all full of dry grass but under the grass hid logs from the last century and lots of thorny twigs that scratched my bare legs bloody. GPS reception was rather bad and so I walked quite some circles through that mess before I reached something I would call the "exact location"...

I was really happy to be back at my bike and to cycle on nice forest ways to the swamp I wanted to see (sadly, it's too early in the year for swamp lilies and the like). On to the next...


Oh dear spring - it's so good to finally meet you!  
Easter decoration in Klengel.  
The way to the hash: not quite the place I'd pick for a nice walk.  
But still: Hashpoint reached!  
Bleeding victims of the expedition...  
The happy mice were carried.  
What an interesting signpost - just "Hinweg" ("way there")?!