2012-01-22 42 -87

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Sun 22 Jan 2012 in 42,-87:
42.9301409, -87.8660644

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The corner of College and S. Creekside in South Milwaukee.



  • RocketMac - I'm planning to pop by at some point throughout the day.


Early afternoon rolled around and we needed to get lunch. My wife knew I wanted to find the day's hashpoint and we had previously used the hash to find a new place to eat so why not again?

We made the trip to the hashpoint without much hassle. I had to park across the street as there wasn't a good place to park on the side with the hash. I wandered over and took the pictures and hustled back to the car to warm back up.

There was nothing in line of sight to earn a pub geohash achievement and the only gas station in line of sight didn't have a squishy machine either. We spent a few minutes parked in a nearby K-Mart lot checking Yelp! for possible restaurants or pubs.

In the end we wound up at the St. Francis Brewery & Restaurant. The last (and first) time we were there was last year's SuperBowl. I had a great lunch and enjoyed the day.

A few errands later and we were home.


My log is available in GPX and KMZ formats



RocketMac earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -87) geohash on 2012-01-22.
RocketMac earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging MusicGirl to the (42, -87) geohash on 2012-01-22.
RocketMac earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (42, -87) geohash on 2012-01-22 while the temperature was 28 °F.