2012-01-19 45 -122

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Thu 19 Jan 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4463287, -122.5602004

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On a cul-de-sac in Happy Valley!




I woke up, checked the hashpoints, and planned on driving over the hashpoint on the way to work.


Jim noticed the hashpoint seemed accessible as well. He has something in the evening in NE Portland, so going by on his way home seems plausible. (If the storms permit the trip at all.)



I drove over the hashpoint on the way to work. It was in the street on an unremarkable suburban cul-de-sac. I took a couple of unremarkable photographs, and continued on my way.

I sent Mrs.5000 a note to let her know I had succeeded. "How humdrum life might be," she wrote back, "without these exciting adventures!!!!"

Jim Jim went by after his evening meeting (and getting something to eat). The route was fairly easy, thanks to directions on my handheld. When I got there, I got out of the car to walk to the hashpoint, but didn't find any markers. Or maybe they got washed away by the wind, rain, and lots of downed tree branches/debris.

I continued south to head home in a big loop.



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