2012-01-17 40 -74

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Tue 17 Jan 2012 in 40,-74:
40.6468859, -74.5028887

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The median strip of I-78 in Warren, NJ


Well, thousands of people, really. Just not Jevanyn, that day.


Some days, I take I-78 on my commute to work. That day, however, Kyukket (with whom I now carpool) needed to make a side trip in the opposite direction, so I-78 was too far out of the way.

I had some free time the next night out, which would be "Internet Black-out Wednesday".


  • My intention was to travel the stretch of I-78 where the geohash was. With no median-side shoulder to park the car on, my safer option was only to do a Speed Racer drive-by, and take a picture of the dashboard as I passed. I was alongside a tractor-trailer when I got close to the geohash, and had only 0.1mi resolution on when to take the picture.

  • A day and a few second late :-). It is left as an exercise for the student to determine how much sooner I should have taken the photo, to be within 100ft or 10m. -- Jevanyn @40.5730,-74.6028 06:40, 19 January 2012 (EST)
  • Yes, my "check engine" light is on. GM apparently builds cars on the unix model, where whenever there is a problem, it displays nothing but a big question mark, and it is up to an experienced driver to determine the problem.



Jevanyn earned the Day Late, Dollar Short Consolation Prize
by Visiting a geohash the day after it was valid (40, -74) geohash on 2012-01-17.