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Sun 15 Jan 2012 in 59,17:
59.4493384, 17.9166824

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Low hanging fruit. Just 16 km and very close to the main highway.



Not really planned but I had to pick up my car anyway and when I already was on the E4 I just had to keep going.


Turned off at Häggvik and then take two lefts and I was there.

I had already seen on Google maps that it was in someone's back yard but they were not home. They would have be able to get a couch potato since it was reachable from their patio. I didn't want to trespass so I thought I might not make it. But the houses are really near each other so I rang the door to the neighbour, Mia. I explained what geohashing was and asked if I could photo myself by her bushes.

The bushes were within 5m of the point so that is within the 10m limit.

Snapped a pic and said goodbye.



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