2012-01-15 50 10

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Sun 15 Jan 2012 in 50,10:
50.4493384, 10.9166824

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Close to a bike path near Hirschendorf (Thuringia).



Manu and Reinhard spent the weekend in Southern Thuringia and slept long on Sunday morning, so there wasn't too much time before lunch. As the weather was very nice, Manu's mother suggested, that she'd drive the hashers to Hirschendorf and would accompany them on the short walk. And that's how it went. They drove to Hirschendorf, easily found the hash lying in the mild winter sun, took some photos, drove back home and had lunch. For the very first time two hash sheep (normally living with Manu's parents) came along.


Starting point in Hirschendorf.  
Leaving the car and walking down the bike path.  
Manu and her mother with the Bleßberg.  
Nice weather for a walk.  
Coordinates reached.  
At the hash.  
Timmy and Groscha.  
Hash pano.