2012-01-11 59 17

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2012-01-11 59 17 04.jpg

Wed 11 Jan 2012 in 59,17:
59.6358341, 17.1434326

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Right next to Österleden outside Enköping.

If you take exit 143 from the E18, then right and left into Österleden, it is beside the road right by a rock.




I was going to pickup my dad and stepmom at Arlanda airport anyway today so a quick geohash on the way would be nice. High speed drive towards Enköping and took exit 143 and headed onto Österleden. I had memorized the trees and rocks from google street view, turned the car around so I was heading north and found the spot. Rolled until I was on the exact latitude (a few meters) and got out and took some nice pictures. Then off to the airport.



Cjk earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (59, 17) geohash on 2012-01-11.