2012-01-10 45 -122

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Tue 10 Jan 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5915681, -122.1394323

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By the river.




I might have to go to this one. I'm heading to Portland anyway.


I just got back home (17:44) from an interesting hash trip. I will write it up later.

OK, It's later. I have finished coding the pics, but have yet to upload them. I will need a ruling to say if I made it. I started with terrible satellite geometry. One satellite was real high, but the others were all lower than 30 degrees.

My guess from Google maps was that the hash was closer to the river, below the RR tracks, and as it turned out below the cliff (which didn't show up on Google or USGS topos, but that is no surprise). When I finally found a way down there, the GPS claimed that I was midway in the Columbia River. I walked back east as the GPS resolution improved, or so it said, until I was south of the hash, as entered as a waypoint before I started out.

I walked north until I was at the base of the cliff, but the hash was still further north. At this time I worked back around to the tracks, and then to the top of the cliff, and now the GPS said that I needed to be back in the field below. WTF?

As it says when you boot these things, don't bet your life on this locational information. But it was a good wander around, and it made up for all the geohashes that I just drove up to.



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