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Fri 6 Jan 2012 in 50,8:
50.3011014, 8.3569190

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In the woods between Dombach, Riedelbach and Steinfischbach.



After a couple of weeks w/o hashing we both decided that it would be a good idea to do some friday-night hashing again. Looks like it's a 25 minute drive followed by ~ 2.5km walking to the hash.


We started off around 4:30 pm and got to a nearby parking lot when it was about to get dark. The usual after-work hashing situation really :)

Thanks to Open Streetmaps on our GPS devices we quickly located the shortest path to the hash and started walking. Nothing exciting on the way, we found the hash 50 meters into the woods, took some photos and headed back.

A nice friday-night walk really, not too cold, about 5 km in total. Amazing what you regard as being a fun friday night out when you get older ;)

Fun fact: This hash did not follow my general rule that for hashing in our area you always have to climb a hill. Looking at the track log the hash was near the bottom of a river valley and for a change we had to climb the hill on the way back (which QuarterCacher let me know quite noisily during the climb ;).


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