2011-12-28 50 11

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Wed 28 Dec 2011 in 50,11:
50.8468062, 11.0918196

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On a fenced meadow in Wülfershausen (Thuringia).



I planned to cycle from Erfurt to Schleusingerneundorf. Visiting the hash meant a detour of 5 to 10 km and I thought it's worth trying, though I couldn't be sure to reach the coordinates. Turned out the area was fenced, and I couldn't make it closer than 15 m to the hashpoint. When I got into the Thuringian forest, it got dark and I began to get cold and very weak, so I was happy to finally reach Schleusingerneundorf after 70 km.


Coordinates not reached.  
It's some meters behind my bike,  
within that fenced area.